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Memories are pressed, not only between the pages of our minds, but also in our Photo Albums, Video DVD & Digital Files. For any photo and Video needs look no further than Digitalcolor Photo Pro Lab. Knowing how important your photos and videos are to you.

Digitalcolor Photo Pro Lab, provides top-notch services for all your Photo & Video needs (Billboard size to Wallets & Videos, DVD). Owner Al Khosravi is a Photographic Technology Engineer and his family together with the highly qualified technical staff and photographers as clients offer Development, Enlargements, Videography (Wedding, Commercial, Concerts,..) and Customer Service in their onsite lab.

Khosravi began his career (B.S. and M.A.) in 1970 at Minnesota University, where he majored in Photographic Technology and afterward taught Photography, Cinematography and in-charge of Motion Picture Quality Control Lab and Electronics Digital Finishing Technology. His services are well known all around the United States, Canada. Digitalcolor  uses the latest state-of-the art technology including video analysis on all Digital & negatives creating perfect color on every Print & Video clips. The lab offers Digital Imaging, Wholesale Enlargements, Black & White Photo Services, Slide Development, Video & Digital Transfer, Internet Services on Documents Printing  and Videography Rush Orders.

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Digitalcolor 218 E. PICO Blvd. LOS ANGELES CA 90015 (DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES)

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Al Khosravi, President 0f Digitalcolor Beverly Hills at The Cyrus The Great Event